Supporting project: organizing sponsorship.

Since January 2009, 45 girls have finally found shelter in the new house called "Kirubalaya, rehabilitation center for street children." The house will also accommodate small groups of pupils or students for educational and supportive stays. This action providing helping hands to take care of the children is called Solidarity travel and is organized by ENFANTS DE TOUS PAYS working since 2005 in India.
Now, the major task is to make sure that KIRUBALAYA will live and keep helping the children in the long run by providing regular funding to cover operating costs.
The aim of our work is essentially to allow children to be able to go to school and study in good conditions and also to eat properly and receive the necessary health care. The sponsorship is collective to support the whole structure and not one child among all the children.
Sponsorship entitles you to a tax deduction of 66% of donations to a maximum of 20% of revenues. A tax receipt is sent at the beginning of the year summarizing donations. Sponsorship can be interrupted at any time at the request of the donor.



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