The shelter and the teaching staff meet successfully the objectives set at the beginning of the project:

• Providing for basic needs, by bringing to children a balanced diet, a real night's sleep, cleaned clothes and health care.
• Create emotional ties through careful listening, exchange, games and especially permanent attention from the educational staff.
• Learning a sense of autonomy by carrying small daily tasks that empower children (shopping, cleaning the common area, tidying their beds...); the children are slowly returning to a state of self-confidence.
• Socializing through rules and values instilled by the teaching staff (respect, sharing, tolerance, politeness...) applicable at home and outside (at school, in the city)
• Educating the children by sending them daily to school.

All these objectives are not reached within a few days. The progress is based on the pace of each child, his or her history, personality... Having the time and sharing a daily life are two of the main success factors for the children’s educators.


The educational staff

Clara Aloysius is responsible for this achievement: Clara is an Indian sister of the Order of Cluny. Since 2003, she took leave of her congregation to work with children and rag-pickers of streets of Pondicherry. Clara started meeting with families (when existing) and street children, looking for ways to help these people. She came to the conclusion that it was necessary to create a shelter and rehabilitation through education. Thus was created Kiruba Seva Trust in February 2003.

Clara has formed a team of 5 people to help her run the shelter house, which consists of:

  • a dormitory,
  • a kitchen,
  • a dining room,
  • toilets,
  • and classrooms to work after school or organize leisure activities.

These spaces are solely dedicated to the little girls of Kirubalaya.