Everything started with a group of friends in France around Bernard and Dominique Desjardins, Paulette Nevoux, Danielle Lemaire, Jacqueline Darricades and Frederic Priore (responsible of ENFANTS DE TOUS PAYS Association).

In the course of several trips to India, we were all very much shaken by the lives of street children, who often live with their families in very precarious conditions.

In Pondicherry, we met Sister Clara who was helping young girls living on the streets, housing them, feeding them and sending them to school. That is how KIRUBA SEVA TRUST Association was born in Pondicherry.

Thanks to Paulette Nevoux and Dominique Desjardins, both Air France employees,
Fondation Air France helped financing the children’s house with support from the Italian Association S.E.V.A. Onlus.



Dominique Desjardins

Paulette Nevoux with Sister Clara

Danielle Lemaire

Jacqueline Darricades